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Freelance Illustrator and Creative Director of HANTU currently based in Sheffield.

I like images and creativity as well as my own stuff I'll reblog other things I see

I’m a big fan of good poster design, especially if artists use the artwork as a means to display good imagery. This poster for Bungalows & Bears made by Lord Bunn is one of many good things coming from his pen and pad as of recent months. As well as having a nice sense of graphic design within this piece I’m a fan of the illustration itself.

Good Stuff.

I was at it again, this time Sheffield based graphic design agency Ledgard Jepson asked me to spruce up one of their main walls as they’re going for a fresh look for the new year. You know me, I love ruining white walls… More photos and a video hopefully to follow and uploaded to their website and mine.

If you are a Yorkshire person or hail from Sheffield you’d know that last year was the historic event of the Tinsley Towers being demolished.

An upcoming Arts & Newspaper project in Sheffield asked me to provide an illustration based around a “new change / fresh start” concept. I felt that the coming down of the towers might be interesting as people were powerless to stop its destruction but it posed a fresh start for the new decade. Maybe a hint of things to come? You never know.

Here’s a pick of some of the best designs for t-shirts I’ve noticed on
The good thing about some of these designs is that you can get sucked into the little worlds they’re illustrated around. My favourites is the Black Triangle and the Umbrella lady.

The old rascal Sam Brewtser published a post about Live Drawing on Creative Boom Sheffield. You can read my ramblings about it all on here

Long live Live Art.

Fellow illustrator Sam Brewster has been busy this year with his editorial commissions and his self publication which some of us have contributed towards. The first zine in the Hand of Man series is aptly named, “Nature” to which all of the illustrations submitted have been based around organic and natural forms.

Other illustrators such as Lee Bamforth and Jake Binns are amongst the creatives who have work in the zine. Keep a look out for it around Sheffield on counters and if you’re lucky enough, maybe a mail out!

Here are a few images I’ve been collaborating on with stylist Natasha Lyons and fashion photographer James Brown. Both of them I’ve found have been brilliant to work with and last night I went on my first photoshoot for the new Hantu Collection. Be sure to check out their websites! These images were fun for me to work into, it reminded me of watching “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” merging illustrative world with real, this could be something that I will explore more in the future.

A sneak preview of a semi-secret project, still yet to be finished…

I’d been asked by Dan Mager of Phuture Motion to produce some artwork for their upcoming debut album. This is my first Music packaging job so I kind of jumped at the chance. Phuture Motion have a latin beat sound to them but with a lot breakbeats much to the sounds of many Ninja tunes artists and so forth. After hearing their stuff I thought my style would definetly suit their sound and so hopefully next year we’ll be seeing/ hearing the first presses! here’s a couple of screen shots as to how it looks so far.

Here’s a small selection of flyers and posters I’ve been putting together for The Bowery in Sheffield.